Oklahoma Adventure Trail 2023

We will be leaving out 6/2/2023 and will update the post as we go!

Day 1: Red Rock to Stillwater

Today we did not make our planned destination we got a late start and departed Newkirk at about 6pm on June 2nd.
When we got south of Ponca we hit a pretty big rain storm and even got a little bit of hail! We went South and met the trail at the intersection of OK 15 where we met our first road closure of the trip the second we got on the trail. We continued on. We met the other side where there was a locked gate, so it’s a good thing we didn’t try to go through.
So we continued to follow it and we stopped at Lake McMurtry and that’s where I’m writing this post from right now on my phone I love technology.
It is now the third and I’m cooking bacon. Waiting for the kids to get up life is good. I tried a little bit of fishing at lake McMurtry, but did not have any luck.

Day 2: Stillwater to Cleveland

Today went smooth had to make another stop at Walmart luckily there was one right off the way. Had to get a bike tire and tube for my bicycle I had a flat yesterday and today. We’re setup at the Feyote Creek rv ground. It was $9 no water or electric but with the solar were good. Fridge froze up lastnight but sorted itself out today not sure what happened it got down to 30f. The kids are getting along great playing together and being goofy goobers most of the time. We saw frog rock drove down some of the narrowest most rough roads I’ve ever been on haha everything is shook up, we bent the bike carrier I’m pretty sure. The graffiti wall was pretty neat too. We also visited the town of Ingalls I guess some famous outlaw or something was there.

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