About us

Hello and welcome to The Bannister Family website. This is a location for each of us to share our adventures. Wagex.org has been around for a while and I enjoy posting fixes that I find for random things around the house and on the computer. We all enjoy traveling and seeing new places as a family.

I am Ross Bannister the father to the two great children Owen and Ahri. I started getting into tech stuff back when I was in my early teens. My first website was a proxy server to bypass the schools firewalls, it was such a success that it was banned nation wide. I furthered my tech education on my own learning a lot of new skills including building websites in WordPress such as this one or the one from my place of employment www.lgpike.com. It’s not a great looking site but it’s the best I can do, and I warned them in advance I suck at making websites look good but I can get the information there lol.

Ahri is my oldest child, she’s a great kid who enjoys kicking butt at Fortnite, riding her bike, playing on her phone and playing Nintendo switch.

Owen is the younger one, he really enjoys building legos, playing Fortnite with us, and he loves watch Mark Rober videos on YouTube.

Together we are going to be traveling the country seeing new sites and places, I can’t wait! Hopefully we can travel the world some day but for now we’re gonna start with the continental USA.